Client Talent Norge
City 品牌形象塑造
Talent Norge艺术培训机构品牌形象设计

How can we take your talent to the next level?

Talent Norge helps young people with exceptional artistic skills excel to a professional career. The company finances talent development, provides training, experience and inspiration that makes the biggest talents go further. There are many dancers, musicians, actors and other performing artists who deserve all possible help and support. Talent Norge achieves this by collaborating with private contributors, institutions, organisations and cultural movers and shakers in Norway.

Mission developed the brand identity for Talent Norge. We accompanied this with a photostyle as well as the look and feel of the website and ads. We also designed the logo. We found much inspiration in newspapers and books. In the end, we landed on a classic style that features the brand in a straightforward and an honest way. We wanted a low-key and elegant expression that harmonises with the very nature of Talent Norge, namely being a supporter of talent, not to outperform them.

We designed the logo symbol as a monogram that gives a sense of quality and continuity. The letter T stands for “talent” placed in a circle and one T that is removed from the circle. This flower of Ts gives associations to picking and choosing. The T outside the circle represents a group or an opportunity, but first and foremost it represents talent.

By placing several Ts in circle we say there are many talents out there and that choosing amongst them is a difficult and important task. Talent Norway has the expertise to carry out this mission; to choose the best amongst the best and to further develop these talents.