Client The True Honey Co.’s (TTHC)
City New Zealand
The True Honey Co. 定制蜂蜜包装



The True Honey Co.’s (TTHC) honey is among the purest Manuka on the planet, honey that can fetch $240 per jar. They came to Think Packaging needing a package that reflected the rare and ultra-premium nature of the product, as well as the honest and transparent values of their brand.

As it would only be sold online, the box’s delivery would be the first physical touchpoint the consumer would have with TTHC. The brief was that the honey must arrive safely and look like it was worth every penny when it they got it.
Working closely with Marx Design, the starting point was creating a custom pack that could work over four glass jar sizes. Many CAD drawn dielines and hand-cut/assembled mockups were made. The chosen direction, predictably, was the most challenging – creating a triangular segment that cradles the entire jar to create an impact zone. Fully suspended, it creates a 360-degree grip on the jar, allowing zero movement.
The segments, while functional, open beautifully to reveal the precious honey inside. To add further form, a perfect-fit outer-wrap was designed to adhere to each segment. The whole package became one compelling piece, revealing the precious premium cargo inside. To premiumise the experience of unboxing, a tear-strip was tailored; sealing the package and creating the feeling that something previously untouched lay within. As you peal the box open, a glimmer of honey is seen, then the segments collapse in stages, revealing the jar inside - showcased on a purpose-built stage of beautiful protective packaging.
The final test of function was the drop-test. With constant alterations after each failure, we were able to produce repeated successful drops from 1.8m. This feat of engineering allowed us to do away with nasty bubble wrap and foam protectors, commonly used in shipping.
Marx Design handled the brand and artwork in a glorious manner.
Thinking inside the box, we’ve created a truly beautiful, yet robust, piece of packaging that works as hard as the bees themselves.
Photography - Duncan InnesFinal imagery thanks to & copyright © Marx Design


@Mat Bogust