Client Cisco 思科
City San Francisco, CA, USA
Cisco 思科
Cisco 思科视觉识别更新

思科在全球92个国家拥有超过7万名员工,是IT领域的全球领导者。 十多年来,我们一直担任品牌代理机构,定义了他们的视觉中心,并将其与不断发展的业务战略保持一致。

最近,思科的业务战略不断发展,重点是实时提供现实的解决方案。 这个新的方向要求一个易于理解的视觉中心。




With more than 70,000 employees in 92 countries, Cisco is the worldwide leader in IT. For more than a decade, we have served as their brand agency of record, defining their visual center and aligning it with their evolving business strategy.

Recently, Cisco’s business strategy evolved with an emphasis on delivering real-world solutions in real time. This new direction called for an easy-to-understand visual center.

A few years prior, the company known for making the Internet possible shifted their focus to how the Internet of Everything can enable a brighter future.

Following on the heels of several consumer-facing acquisitions, Cisco required a brand evolution that would position them beyond the enterprise market.